Go Behind The Scenes

Located to the right of SLO Brew Rock’s 30-Barrel Brewhouse, SLO Stills pays homage to the kinship between craft beer and brown spirits. Join us for a walk-through of our brewery and distillery.

Tours are available Tuesday-Friday at 4:00PM on a first come first serve basis. No reservations are required for parties under 6. If you would like to book a large group or private tour, please contact us.

Cut With The Pacific

Each spirit is cut with distilled & purified Pacific Ocean water to capture the soul and essence of the waters that united us.

The Process

1. Milling

Dried & malted grains, such as corn or rye, are milled to expose the starch contained within.

2. Mashing

Water is added to create a mash and is cooked to convert starches into sugars, forming a liquid called “wort.”

3. Fermentation

Yeast is added to the wort in fermenting tanks to convert the sugars to alcohol, creating beer.

4. Distillation

The beer is transferred to a still and heated causing the alcohol to vaporize and separate from the water & solids. That vapor is condensed and collected.

5. Maturing

High proof white lightning is transferred to charred, New American Oak barrels to age. Depending on the whiskey and barrel, it can age from 6 months to 2 years or more.

6. Proofing

The cask strength whiskey is pulled from the barrel, filtered, occasionally blended and proofed with purified Pacific Ocean water to its desired alcohol content.

7. Bottling

The finished spirit is then bottled and labeled by hand for your enjoyment.

The Relics

No Surfing

In July of 1962 controversies between surfers and fishermen fueled an ordinance barring catching waves on the Pismo Pier’s south side. In 1964, 50 well-dressed surfers walked into city council requesting a balance of surfing and fishing zones by freeing up the area extending from the pier’s restrooms to the shore. ⁣

Now we can chase the day’s swell and sandbars in any direction.

The Balsa Beaut

Can you spot the nose from the tail on this 12-foot board donated by local surf legend, shaper and photographer Aaron Loyd? ⁣⁣Handcrafted in 1940 by boat builder and designer Norman Scott from balsa wood, this hollow beauty uses a brass port to vent and remove water. ⁣

Paddle out with this board’s bottom facing front – it’s long tail acts as a fin.⁣

Ol’ Woody

Lighting up this direct fire reflux still can cause quite the fuss. Chance of burning and scorching your spirit paired with the risk of dangerous explosions from flames igniting alcohol vapors have since put this copper beast out of commission.

Pismo Pier

Resurrected planks from the original Pismo Pier live as floating shelves in the SLO Stills tasting room. We’re proud to place our cut with the Pacific, California-made craft spirits on a piece of Central Coast history.

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